Pozvánka na přednášky C. Reichela

Český egyptologický ústav FF UK srdečně zve na dvě přednášky archeologa z University of Toronto a Royal Ontario Museum, Clemense Reichela. První přednáška se bude konat v  Praze (3. května od 16:00 v Zelené posluchárně, Celetná 20) a je nazvaná Working For the State, Minding You Own Business: On Dynamics and Complexity in Eshnunna’s State Administration (2070–1850 BC).

Abstrakt: For more than two hundred years Eshnunna was one of the principal power players on the Mesopotamian political stage. Throughout its history, from its rise as a provincial center during the Ur III period to its time as capital of an independent state, it political leadership was based from the Palace of the Rulers, a palatial complex located in the middle of the city. Comprehensive excavations, undertaken by the University of Chicago’s Oriental Institute during the 1930s, not only not only uncovered several building phases dating between 2070 – 1850 BC, but also over 1200 cuneiform tablets and clay sealings that reflect the surviving paper trail of the palace’s administration. Using spatial and locational analyses to reintegrate textual data into corresponding architectural contexts this paper will reconstruct the administrative history of this building, its functional organization, and highlight the fates of its key players over time.

Pozvánka na přednášku v pdf.

Druhá přednáška se uskuteční v Olomouci (Katedra historie, ÚPOL, místnost 3.11) dne 4. května od 16:45: Lobster for Dinner, Ransom Money Assured–archaeological work in Iraq during the 1930s.

Abstrakt:  The 1930s saw a vast increase of archaeological excavations in Iraq, when well-funded projects from Europe and North American were came to the Middle East to to conduct large-scale excavations. This presentation will focus on the Diyala Expedition of the University of Chicago’s Oriental Institute Conducted between 1930 and 1938 it was one of the largest and best-funded projects of this time period. Using unpublished field photographs, archival materials and original film footage this presentation will outline the expedition’s scientific goals and historical significance, but also introduce its illustrious members, headquarters, living and work conditions, cars, fashion, and glamorous visitors. These impressions vividly relate the nature of this „Golden Age“ of archaeology, which was glamorized in novels and movies but soon  eclipsed by the shadows of World War II.


Pozvánka na přednášku v pdf.

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