Pozvánka na přednášky profesora Matthewa Rutze

Český egyptologický ústav FF UK srdečně zve na tři přednášky profesora Matthewa Rutze (Brown University, Providence). Přednášky budou prosloveny v anglickém jazyce.


Collecting Knowledge in the Ancient World: Assurbanipal’s Library in Context

Úterý, 2. dubna 2019, 9:10-10:45

Celetná 20, Praha 1, místnost C102


Nineveh (now in present-day Mosul, Iraq) was the Assyrian empire’s last capital and home to one of the earliest large-scale collections of ancient literature: Assurbanipal’s library. Remembered in Greek tradition as Sardanapalus, this 7th-century king is credited with amassing thousands of clay tablets and wooden writing boards in a state sponsored institution that included myths, hymns, rituals, medical and divinatory lore, and ancient dictionaries. This lecture will explore the contents and significance of Assurbanipal’s library, looking in a comparative way at its antecedents and heirs across the ancient world, with a particular focus on the cuneiform tablet collections scattered across the ancient Near East.


Mesopotamian Myth and Ritual Revisited

Čtvrtek, 4. dubna 2019, 9:10-10:45

Celetná 20, Praha 1, místnost C102


The entanglement of myth and ritual is a fraught topic in the history of religion, with intense debate on how to interpret the parallels, intersections, and disjunctions of religious narratives and behaviors in various ancient contexts. This lecture evaluates the cuneiform evidence from Assyria and Babylonia (present-day Iraq) in light of these debates with a particular interest in ancient Mesopotamian scholars‘ engagement with the myth-ritual nexus in both public, state-sponsored rituals and more intimate rituals aimed at knowledge production.


Diagnosis and Treatment in Babylonian Medicine

Pondělí, 8. dubna 2019, 10:50-12:25

Celetná 20, Praha 1, místnost C426


This lecture explores the interplay between diagnosis and therapy in ancient Mesopotamian medicine, focusing on ancient theories of disease, the practices and practitioners of the healing arts, and a critique of some current trends in contemporary scholarship on early magic and medicine in ancient Iraq.

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