Members of the Librarian Project 3 E (Egypt-Europe-Education) visited Egypt

The aim of the business trip of the team of Project 3 E (Egypt-Europe-Education), consisting of PhDr. František Ondráš, PhD. from the Institute of the near East and Africa of the Faculty of Arts, Charles University, PhDr. Jiřina Růžová from the Czech Institute of Egyptology, Faculty of Arts, Charles University, and Ing. Jiří Luhan from the National Library of the Czech Republic to Egypt was to present the development of the project since last year, to search out potential partners for common EU grant project proposal, and to establish new contacts with Egyptian partners, either representatives of the state administration, or professionals from selected university libraries and representatives of the Association of Egyptian Librarians.

In Cairo, we have visited the following institutions: the Cairo Museum, the Cairo University, the Cervantes Institute; in Alexandria: The Library of Alexandria, the Swedish Institute; in Minya: the governorate and university. In these institutions, we have established the conditions of our future cooperation. In Asyut, we have visited the governorate and Institute of Technology (MIS).

In Alexandria, we have presented the development of the project on the 27th MELCOM (International Association of the Librarians of the Near East and Africa) conference, held at the Library of Alexandria. We have also visited the library, discussed the possibilities of the project with the counsellor of the director of Alexandrina dr. Layla Abd el Hady, the librarians of the Goethe Institute Cairo and the Nederlands-Vleemish Institute Cairo, etc. In Alexandria, we also held a negotiation with the director of the Swedish Institute dr. J. Henningsson, and we have defined the preliminary conditions of our cooperation. As the third partner for the EU countries cooperation, we have selected the Cervantes Institute Cairo, and we have negotiated with the director, Mr. L. Moratino Guayubé on the 29th of May in Cairo. The next meeting with EU parters was preliminarily set on the end of September or beginning of October.

We have also negotiated with Egyptian professionals – librarians at the Cairo University (the president of the Association of the Egyptian Librarians, the Vice Dean for science of the Cairo University), and at the Library of Alexandria and at the Universities of Minya and Assyut. In the near future, we are expecting a report from our Egyptian partners concenring the possibilites of cooperation in the inititation of library information systems and training of professionals in Egypt and eventually other countries of the EU partners.

  Jiřina Růžová

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