Latest issue of the journal Prague Egyptological Studies (XVII/2016) has been published

Dear readers,

After last year’s first English edition of Prague Egyptological Studies, we are delighted to present the second issue of our journal. This periodical concentrates on studies in the history, archaeology, architecture, religion, language and art of the Third Millennium BC Egypt, with the hope of becoming one of the key scholarly journals for this period. In addition to our main emphasis, we also welcome primary studies focusing on the wider interdisciplinary scope of Egyptology, such as North-African environmental archaeology, archaeozoology and archaeobotany, as well as new research in applied sciences.

The current issue continues in the tradition of presenting the diverse explorations at Abusir, the main research site of the Czech Institute of Egyptology. Besides the report on the recent spring excavation of tomb AC 31, we are pleased to include the results of the 3D scanning of the p yramid of King Neferirkare, undertaken by the Japanese team at the Abusir pyramid field. You will also find a short introduction to the sculptures uncovered during the works in the complex of King Djedkare in South Saqqara.

Complementary to the reports, the journal further provides more theoretical studies concentrated on a few select questions concerning the religion, archaeology and epigraphics of the Third Millennium BC, such as the research of the sun cult on the basis of theophor ic anthroponyms and a paper dedicated to the lesser deity of Khentytjenenet. These are supplemented by the theoretical exploration of the meaning of the so-called “slaughterhouse” from the sun temple of Nyuserre and finally, an interpretation of the “kohl-pots” used during the Old Kingdom.

As a last word, we hope that the English edition of Prague Egyptological Studies will continue to grow in esteem and find regular audiences among scholars and the scientific community dedicated to the oldest periods of Egyptian history and archaeology.


 Katarína Arias Kytnarová


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