Czech Science Foundation will support a new project at the Czech Institute of Egyptology

Czech Science Foundation finished the evaluation of the project proposals submitted in the year 2018. It will support also one new project of the principal investigator based at the Czech Institute of Egyptology.


Continuity, Discontinuity and Change

Adaptation Strategies of Individuals and Communities in Egypt at Times of Internal and External Transformations

GA ČR 19-072685


Principal investigator: Filip Coppens

Co-investigators: Dana Bělohoubková, Jiří Honzl, Dorotea Wollnerová

External participants: Silke Caßor-Pfeiffer (Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen, IANES – Ägyptologie), Kenneth Griffin (The Egypt Centre, Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, Swansea University), Gabriele Pieke (Reiss-Engelhorn Museen, Mannheim), Nico Staring (Leiden Institute for Area Studies – Egyptology, Leiden University)


The proposed project aims to study how individuals as well as communities adapt to ongoing political-ideological as well as socio-economic changes and reshape its identity/-ies, by focusing on two distinct periods of ancient Egyptian history: the Amarna age, and the Ptolemaic and Roman period. The proposed project has purposely two main components with a clear temporal (short term, New Kingdom versus long term, Ptolemaic-Roman) and spatial distinction (tomb versus temple), involving once mainly internal (Amarna) and once predominantly external (Greek and Roman) impulses, and once seen primarily from the perspective of the individual (from the elite), and once chiefly from the viewpoint of a religious community (the priesthood). The deliberate setup allows researchers to explore differences and similarities, discuss different approaches to the primary source material and question terminologies, definitions and methodologies related to aspects of continuity, discontinuity and change during periods of intense transformations in Egyptian society.


Project duration: 2019–2021

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