Kings of the Sun have been opened!

On August 30, the official opening of the exceptional exhibition dedicated to the “Kings of the Sun” took place in the beautiful representative rooms of the pantheon of the National Museum in Prague. Leading members of the governments of the Czech Republic and the Arab Republic of Egypt, the Czech Parliament and the Ministry of State for Antiquities, the diplomatic corps, the National Museum and representatives of the Charles University Rector’s Board, the Faculty of Arts, the Czech Institute of Egyptology, and many other noteworthy guests partook in this inaugural event. Czech Television broadcasted the press conference, opening ceremony and the first guided tour of the exhibition live.

On behalf of the team of the Czech Institute of Egyptology, I would like to thank all guests for their participation and especially for respecting the strict safety and health regulations that the opening of such an important exhibition at such an unusual time necessitated.

I would also like to thank Respilon Group s.r.o. for providing the members of the Czech Institute of Egyptology and all guests with respirators during the opening ceremony.

The “Kings of the Sun” exhibition showcases not only the significant archaeological discoveries of the team of the Czech (formerly Czechoslovak) Institute of Egyptology over the past 60 years, but also introduces visitors to the life and culture of the ancient Egyptians, based on the research of the pyramid field in Abusir, during the more than 3000 years of the Pharaonic civilization. The exhibition at the National Museum has been open to the public since August 31, 2020 and will run until February 7, 2021.

I wish all its visitors a wonderful experience.

 Jiří Janák


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