Ramadan Badry Hussein passed away (1971 – 2022)

It is with great sorrow that we announce the passing of our dear Egyptian colleague Ramadan Badry Hussein (1971-2022), who was not only an excellent and talented Egyptologist, but first and foremost our very good friend. Dr. Hussein studied at the Cairo University in Egypt and subsequently worked at the Supreme Council of Antiquities of Egypt. Thanks to his abilities and diligence, he received several prestigious international scholarships, worked at the Brown University in Providence, USA and at the Tübingen University, where he became an internationally acknowledged scholar in the field of analysis and interpretation of religious texts of the Saite-Persian Period. He received the greatest renown of his successful but unfortunately rather short professional career for his exploration of the shaft tombs at Saqqara and the discovery of a mummification complex near the pyramid of Unas.



I knew Ramadan, first as a colleague and then as a friend, for many years. I first met him as a talented student at Brown University, who soon became the leader of an important project focused on the shaft tombs in the vicinity of the pyramid and mortuary temple of Unas at Saqqara. I am sure that it was here where, second only to his family, his heart truly belonged. Ramadan was a great human being and an excellent researcher, and his heart beat for Egypt. He loved the modern country and its famous past above all things, and he showed it in his thoughts, words and deeds. One of the greatest talents of his generation has by far not accomplished all his plans. The void created by his passing will remain empty for a long time. May you walk on the beautiful roads, and may God almighty cherish your family, my friend.


                                                                                                                                                            Miroslav Bárta


Ramadan Hussein was not only an excellent researched and loving father, but also a god friend to all who knew him. We at the Czech Institute of Egyptology will remember him as an excellent Egyptologist and a good friend, who was always willing to offer advice and help, or just to talk about anything. Without Ramadan, researching Egyptian religion of the Late Period will be somewhat harder and a lot sadder. I believe that his soul rests in peace in God’s presence and that Ramadan already knows the answers to all questions, over which we racked our brains together.   


Jiří Janák

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