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Veronika Dulíková graduated in History – Museology at the Silesian University in Opava; in Egyptology – Islamic history and culture at the Charles University in Prague, where she acquired her PhD. in Egyptology. She is interested in history, archaeology, and above all in society, material culture, prosopography, administration and Complex Network Analyses in the Old Kingdom. She has created a database of officials from the Memphite region, their titles and family relations (Maat-base). This database project was launched in the year 2006 and has been running continuously since. She applies the method of Complex Network Analysis to the Old Kingdom society within the interdisciplinary aimed project of Egyptological and cybernetic research team. Since 2010 she is a member of archaeological missions in Egypt (Abusir).



2008–2016: PhD. at the Charles University in Prague (PhD. thesis The Reign of King Nyuserre and Its Impact on the Development of the Egyptian State. A Multiplier Effect Period during the Old Kingdom, supervisor Miroslav Bárta)

2003–2008: MA in Egyptology at the Charles University in Prague (M.A. thesis: The Institution of Vizierate in the Old Kingdom, supervisor Miroslav Bárta)

1998–2005: MA in History at the Silesian University in Opava (M.A. thesis: Obraz měst Bzence a Vracova v urbáři z roku 1604. Na pozadí situace na bzeneckém panství, supervisor Irena Korbelářová)


Grants and awards

2017   Bolzano prize

2016–2018   “Complex network methods applied to ancient Egypt data in the Old Kingdom (2700–2180 BC)”, Czech Science Foundation, No. 16-07210S, main researcher: Miroslav Bárta, Veronika Dulíková, Radek Mařík


Selected bibliography

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Complete bibliography can be found here.

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