Mgr. Martina Bardoňová, PhD.

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Martina got trained in Egyptology and History at the Charles University in Prague obtaining a double-degree MA in 2011. In 2019 she obtained her PhD in Egyptology. Since 2019, she is employed at the Czech Institute of Egyptology as a researcher within the project KREAS. Her research focuses on the economy and social structure of ancient Egypt, mainly in the Old and Middle Kingdoms. Her dissertation – Grain Storage in Ancient Egypt (2600–1650 BC). Typology and socio-economic implications – dealt with an important topic of the ancient Egyptian grain management.

During her studies Martina participated in several exchange programs. In 2009–2010, she enjoyed an internship period as part of the Erasmus Program in the Centre de Recherches Égyptologiques of La Sorbonne (CRES). In 2015, she was awarded the fellowship Anglo-Czech Eduactional Fund for a four-month research stay as Visiting Researcher in the Institute of Archaeology (IoA) at University College London. In 2017, she also obtained the Robert Anderson Trust fellowship for conducting research during one month in the British Museum (London). In 2018, she spent a four-month period as an Erasmus + trainee at the University of Jaén.

Since 2009, she participates in several expeditions in the Czech Republic and in Egypt. In the latter, she participates in the excavations organized by the University of Jaén in the necropolis of Qubbet el-Hawa and she collaborates with the Egyptian team in the Sahura’s causeway (Central Abusir). She has also participated in the excavations of the Austrian Archaeological Institute in the sites of Tell ed-Daba and Kom Ombo and spent two seasons with the American team (AERA) at the Menkaura valley temple (Giza). In 2015 and 2016 she worked also on the concession of the Czech Institute of Egyptology at the necropolis of Abusir.


  • 2006–2011: MA program Egyptology-History at FF UK (MA thesis: The Rise, Development and the Fall of the Egyptian Middle Kingdom, under supervision of Prof. Miroslav Bárta, Dr)
  • 2013–2019: PhD program in Egyptology at FF UK (PhD thesis: Grain Storage in Ancient Egypt (2600–1650 BC). Typology and socio-economic implications, under supervision of Doc. PhDr Hana Vymazalová PhD)


Research Grants

  • 2015–2017: GAUK 114815 “Patronát jako základ společenské struktury a hospodářských vztahů Staré a Střední říše?” Did patronage played an important role in the ancient Egyptian social structure and economic relations (Old Kingdom – end of the Middle Kingdom)?

Experience in teaching

  • 2018–2019 (University of Murcia): an online course of Middle Egyptian (graduate students).
  • 2017 (winter semester; Faculty of Arts, Charles University): Ancient Egyptian economy and administration (undergraduate students). Course in cooperation with Hana Vymazalová and David Jeřábek.
  • 2017 (summer semester; Faculty of Arts, Charles University): History of ancient Egypt (undergraduate students). Course in cooperation with Jana Mynářová and Hana Vymazalová.
  • 2014 (summer semester; Faculty of Arts, Charles University): Selected questions of ancient-Egyptian foreign policy (undergraduate and graduate students). Course in cooperation with Jana Mynářová and Daniel Šichan.


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  • Bardoňová, M. (2014) “Stát a ti druzí. Role velkokapacitních sýpek ve Střední říši,” Pražské egyptologické studie/Prague Egyptological Studies XIII, 23–30 (State and the others. The role of the Middle-Kingdom high-volume storage structures).
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